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Data Protection – It’s essential but can be overwhelming.

Baker Lomax Services are a private sector company based in Yorkshire. Our core business is training, consultancy and supplying professional advice and guidance regarding information rights legislation and compliance. We offer an array of managed services to ensure that your business stays compliant and within regulation.

Proven, effective support can be difficult to locate and trust. Our clients appreciate our hard-to-find, pragmatic approach to solve their individual challenges.

Accomplished services tailored to you.

It may be as simple as an analytical health-check to let you know how you are doing, right through to us taking on your complex day-to-day Data Protection tasks. The good news is that we have the right in-house expertise and bespoke packages to fit your needs.

We know that sometimes small changes can lead to the biggest reactions so we never recommend any unnecessary services for our clients. Our reputation is built on our values and professional ethos. We are experienced senior managers and appreciate the need to procure value for money services, especially in the public services. We also understand how to deliver high-quality compliance within budget restraints.

Having BLS on board helps us feel confident that we are stepping in the right direction with any data protection issues or queries. All of our queries are answered promptly and thoroughly and always followed up where necessary. The team are very knowledgeable and a very reassuring resource to have to hand!

- Managed Service

Unique expertise.

It’s hard to find experience and knowledge to enable you to improve your legal compliance. We have the breadth and depth of experience, and countless testimonials from our clients that prove our track record that has made us one of the most accomplished Data Protection consultants in the UK.

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