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BLS can provide numerous services covering any aspect of the above and the associated legislation such as:

  • Outsource your complex DPO issues to our experienced and skilled team.
  • Onsite mentoring and coaching for new members of the IG team or for those new to post such as DPO.
  • BLS offers a managed service which provides compliance knowledge and peace of mind to clients across a variety of business and industry.
  • Conducting your complex redaction and access requests and providing recommended action plans.
  • Conducting a ‘gap analysis’ for your organisation highlighting any non-compliance issues.
  • Reviewing your structures, policies, processes to provide you with a clear picture of how you rate against the required standards and legal requirements.
  • Creating bespoke policies and procedures tailored to your organisational needs.
  • Preparing Data Protection Impact Assessments for new projects within your organisation.
  • Preparing Data Flow Mapping and providing a clear understanding how personal data flows throughout your organisation to ensure compliance with legislation.
  • Assistance in completion of the Data Security & Protection (DSP) toolkit.
  • Experts in Data Breach responses and management; identifying, containing, assessing, reporting and closing data breaches.
  • Carrying out Record Management and Retention Audits.
We were completely reassured by BLS’ visit and report. They were thorough, professional and provided efficient and understandable feedback on areas that we need to develop around GDPR. We now feel confident that we understand what it means to be compliant when GDPR comes in May and have a good recommendation on what we need to improve on.

- GDPR Audit

Stay Compliant Training

Stay Compliant Training is an experienced provider of quality Data Protection and information rights training across all sectors.

Stay Compliant is the training segment of Baker Lomax Services Limited (BLS). Stay Compliant delivers an array of tailored training courses including:

It was very easy to understand – a long subject condensed well. The practical examples were very easy to tailor to my role and made me feel more confident about understanding the subject and my responsibilities.

- Bespoke Training

Take a moment to view the Stay Compliant Website for more information regarding our courses.

Stay Compliant Website